Bread Box

C. 1850 Tin bread box with hinged front and keyhole.  Bread boxes were locked to prevent pilferage by servants. 1951.1.25


C. 1850 Pewter mug with handles.  Engraved with floral design. 4 3/4" height, 4 1/4" diameter at base. Historical tag left residue when removed. 1951.1.24


Large tin serving tray with bevelled edge.  Remanants of black paint and gold striping on edge. 1951.1.23


Large copper pot for water, coffee, tea.  Porcelain knob on top with wooden grip on bail. Belonged to Judge Miller. Historical tag left discoloration when removed. 1951.1.22

Match Holder 1951.1.20

Tin hanging box with open work design.

Silver Stein

American silver stein by Howard and Co, NY. Inscription reads "Presented by John Jacob Astor to Caroline Rees Seward on the occasion of her marriage to Robert Endicott, December 16, 1885"