The Seward Cast Podcast

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Mar 7th 2017 - Prelude to Alaska

Seward House Museum staff discuss the role of William Seward in President Andrew Johnson's cabinet at the time of the Alaska purchase, his life as a believer in expansion-style government, and his involvement with international diplomacy during the American civil war.

Dec 13th 2016 - A Very Seward Christmas

Are the Holidays proving to be too stressful? Kick back and unwind with Jeff Ludwig, Mitch Maniccia, and Matt MacVittie as they reflect on Christmases past at the Seward House. 

Nov 1st 2016 - Seward's Great American Places

The road trip is a staple of American culture. William Seward enjoyed his fair share of tours across the country, making him an early model of the American tourist. In preperation for a lecture to be given by Brent Glass, Director Emeritus of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History; Jeff Ludwig, Matt MacVittie, and Mitch Maniccia review Seward's travels to some of the country's greatest places. 

Sep 22nd 2016 - Jefferson Connections

How close to Thomas Jefferson was William Seward? As it turns out, only a handshake away. Paintings and purchases aside, the former Secretary of State was a lot closer to this President than you would think. Matt MacVittie, Mitch Maniccia, and Jeff Ludwig discuss. 

Aug 3rd 2016 - My Three Sons: The Divergent Paths of Augustus, Frederick, and William Seward Jr.

Augustus, Frederick, and Will Jr. were witnesses to the remarkable career of their father, William Seward. Were they able to outgrow the shadow of their father? Which one was the most like their father, and which one was the least like him? Find out the answers to these questions and more with this podcast about Seward's three sons. 

May 10th 2016 - Mail Call: Readings from the Seward Family Digital Archive

Jeff Ludwig, Matt MacVittie, and Mitch Maniccia present their personal selections from the newly released Seward Family Digital Archive. Discover this fascinating and unique resource provided by the University of Rochester at the following address: 

Apr 14th 2016 - William Seward and the Civil War: 1865

After years of conflict, the Civil War comes to a dramatic and bloody conclusion. 

Mar 17th 2016 - It Ain’t Easy Being Green: William Seward’s Relationship with the Irish

Revel in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day by learning all about William Seward, and his up and down relationship with the Irish.

Mar 11th 2016 - William Seward and the Civil War: 1864

International tensions run high as midnight approaches for the Confederacy. 

Mar 4th 2016 - William Seward and the Civil War: 1863

From the Emancipation Proclamation to the Gettysburg Address, William Seward was working for the salvation of the United States. 

Feb 9th 2016 - A Very Seward Valentine’s Day

You’ve heard of William Seward the statesman, but William Seward the romantic? Now there’s something to talk about! Seward House Museum’s Jeff Ludwig, Mitch Maniccia, and Matt MacVittie discuss the affectionate side of William Seward, and how it may have gotten him some extra attention.