Connecting Classrooms & History

The mission of the Seward House Museum is to inspire curiosity and foster learning about 19th-century America through the lens of William H. Seward family by providing engaging and unique experiences. To that end, the Museum welcomes students of all ages through its doors to learn about history. A visit to the Seward House combines an incredible collection of original artifacts with the rich tapestry of stories behind them. The experience is immersive, leaving students feeling connected to the Seward family and their place in American history.

Because the Seward family was involved in so many historical causes and milestones, education staff from the Museum encourages schools and teachers to make special requests for tours specifically tailored to student needs and interests. The Museum also offers a wide range of specialty tours which can be produced upon request.  

Please call our Director of Education at (315) 252-1283 or email for any information.

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