Clothing & Textiles

Apron 1951.1.14

Woman's long white cotton apron, floor-length.  Rows of small sewn horizontal pleats, machine stitched, divided by a larger one. Worn by Janet Watson Seward.  "Janet Watson" written on band.  Fastened with mother of pearl button instead of ties.  Hand-hemmed, c. late 1850s.

Chinese Embroidered Silk Panel

Portrait of Sec. Seward in center with his three sons along the top. Also pictured are the eight taoist fairies. Presented to Sec Seward during his visit to China in 1870.

Height - 120in

Width - 70in



Face armor made of hardwood.

Tlingit Face Collar

Though William H. Seward spearheaded the purchase of Alaska for the U.S. in 1867, he did not travel there until 1869. During his trip he visited the Tlingit Indians who are a prominent Native American group still living in southeast Alaska. Seward acquired several traditional Tlingit pieces for...