Resource Kits

The Seward House Museum has created Teacher Resource Kits to make it easier to fit field trips into your busy curriculum. These resource kits are broken into three lessons: pre-visit, the tour, and post-visit, which allows teachers to check for understanding, meet state and Common Core standards, and prepare their students for the field trip itself.

7th and 8th Grade Visit Resource Kit

 6th Grade Travel Lesson Plan

4th and 5th Grade Visit Resource Kit

3rd Grade Primary Source Lesson Plan

  Hands on History Camp - Garden Activity

4th and 5th Grade Virtual Field Trip.pdf

In partnership with the Seymour Library, the SHM is pleased to offer the historical fiction and accompanying lesson plans below. Written by author Reagan Graney, the story will follow 16-year old Fanny Seward, daughter of William Henry Seward, as she explores the complicated narrative of the Civil War: from the roots of the women’s rights movement, to the horrors and dangers of slavery, to the truth behind the character of President Abraham Lincoln during this tumultuous period in American History.

 Written for fourth and fifth graders with curriculum tie-ins for both grades, a new chapter will be posted every week below and accessible for free.