Research & Image Requests

Seward House Museum Collections Department Access Policies

Off-Site Research Policies and Procedures

The Seward House Museum (SHM) conducts complimentary research for a maximum of 15 minutes of research time. This complimentary research will include a basic compilation of SHM materials and/or suggestions for sources for further research. Additional research time will be conducted at $35 an hour with a minimum of one hour and must be paid in advance. Researchers will be provided with a preliminary research outline and a final report of the findings. Museum members will receive one hour free of research time. 

On-Site Research Policies and Procedures

The SHM’s collection is available for in-person research by pre-approved appointment only to university students, scholars, and researchers. Scheduling is based on staff availability. The fee for on-site research is $60 per day for a limit of four hours maximum. If more time is needed, the researcher may come another day for additional time. Fees will also be added for staff time to find and pull the requested objects for research.

*For both off and on-site research, fees are $20 per hour for University students. Secondary and primary school research is free but the research can only be completed by a SHM staff member off-site.*

Making an Appointment

Due to limited facilities and occasional high demand, it is important for all patrons to contact the collections department ahead of time and make an appointment.

Contact Information

 Seward House Museum – 315-252-1283

Collections Room Policies and Procedures 

Due to limited facilities and occasional high demand, it is important for all patrons to contact the collections department ahead of time and make an appointment.

On-site research procedures:

  • An appointment must be made in advance. It may take staff 1-2 weeks to identify material to help with your research.
  • A registration form must be completed upon arrival. All researchers must either fill out the below online contact form OR print and mail/email the Research/Image Request Form attached here.  Research Requests & Image Reproduction.docx
  • All researchers must be prepared to show proof of identification.
  • Security and preservation standards are observed at all times. Collections staff will recall objects if improper use or intent to damage is observed. Patrons who do not follow Seward House Museum collection policies will be asked to leave the facility.
  • Materials are brought to the patrons by collections staff. No more than three items may be seen at a time.
  • Only pencils/paper or personal computers may be used to take notes. Collections materials may not be written on, altered, leaned on, folded, traced, or otherwise stressed.
  • You will be required to leave personal belongings in a secure area. No bags, coats, food, or drink will be allowed in the collections viewing area.
  • Scanning, photography, and image reproduction requests are approved and performed by the collections staff only. Materials in poor condition might not be approved for scanning. In some cases, researchers may also arrange for their own photography of collections with permission from collections staff. See below chart for additional image reproduction fees. 

*The Seward House Museum reserves the right to refuse any research request. Please allow 3-5 business days for a response from staff.*

Image Reproduction Fees (price per image)

Photographic and digital images of objects maintained by the Seward House Museum are available via request from the Director of Collections & Exhibitions. Low-resolution digital images may be purchased for educational and research use, but may not be reproduced.  High-resolution digital files may be purchased for reproduction and publication purposes.

Please note, if no digital image exists of the requested museum object, new images may be created by the photography studio at an additional fee, and may take additional time to process.  Rush service is available for an additional fee.

Image Usage Fees (price per image)

Photographs must be in high-resolution form.

*Proof of non-profit status must be shown. In some cases, such as use for profit making purposes, the SHM reserves the right to refuse the non-profit rate or may adjust these fees.*

 Image reproductions must be accompanied by the credit line given by the Museum.

Research Request Contact Form

The Seward House Museum reserves the right to charge additional use fees for items not placed in the public domain and objects of larger than average size. 

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