Ceramics & Glass


Two white dinner plates bordered in gold with small gold ring in center. 1951.1.46a-b

Cup and Saucer

C. 1830 Spode cup and  two saucers-blue, white and gold.  No handle on cup.  Deep saucer.  Willow-ware pattern.  From the Miller family.  Both saucers are cracked 1951.1.45a-c

Milk Pitcher

Milk pitcher trimmed in gold lustre.  Majolica-like material with three dogs in relief on sides and dog's head on handle.  Gold lustre band around top and bottom.  Cracking on spout. 1951.1.44



Cream pitcher with copy of Blue Willow pattern.  Blue on white designs with pagoda, boat, human figures, birds, etc.  Handle resembles a tree limb. 1951.1.43

Cup and Saucer

Four cups and  five saucers, large size, trimmed in gold.  Smooth outer edges.  Handles on cups are angular. Owned by the Watson family (Janet Watson Seward wife of Wm. H. Seward II). 1951.1.41a-i


Five white milkglass plates with scalloped edges.  Marked "T. & V." on the bottom. 1951.1.41a-e


Italian Fayence teapot,  Cantagalli.  Light green with darker green designs and floral patterns.  Handle in form and color of snake. 1951.1.40


C. 1850 Dinner plate trimmed in green and gold.  Made by Furnivals Ltd. which was established in 1850.  Text on back: "Furnivals Ltd. Derby England Ro No 388682" 1951.1.39


C. 1840 Clear glass decanter.  Round stopper with grapw leaf etched on top.  Three-ring neck and base marked with shallow, wide cuts. 1951.1.38


C. 1840 Clear glass decanter.  Round, cut glass stopper.  Flat panes, three rings on neck.  Base is marked with shallow wide cuts on top and bottom. 1951.1.37a-b


C. 1870 White china compote with openwork sides.  Set on three lion paw feet.  Scalloped edge.  Repaired. 1951.1.36

Bottle, Wine

C. 1850 Large, green glass, blown wine bottle.  These large bottles were originally covered in wicker casing to prevent breakage and also to provide a wicker handle for decanting into table decanters. 1951.1.35


C. 1860 Clear glass compote.  Bowl on pedestal with round base.  Scalloped top edge. 1951.1.34

Cup and Saucer

C. 1850 Large cup and saucer with gold borders.  White handle on cup with gold decoration. 1951.1.33

Glass, Wine

C. 1860 Six clear glass wine glasses with hollow stems.  One ring encircling stem.  Fluting near base of bowl.


Blue and white Staffordshire Tureen.  Decorated with Haywain, horses and cathedrals in blue.  Cathedral series by James Clews before 1829.  The inside bottom of the tureen is also decorated in blue and white with a cathedral.  2 large blue handles on body of tureen and hole in top for a ladle.  ...

Cups and Saucers

C. 1850 One large, white china cup and  two saucers.  Scalloped edges on both cups and saucers with gold rings.  Bottom of cup: "Rees."1951.1.30a-c

China Set

Set of "Famille Rose-Sacred Bird and Butterfly", 29 pieces-serving dish,  (15 1/2 " diamond shaped);  round platter (14" dia);  8 saucers;  7 tea cups;  8 plates;  2 large plates;  2 round bowls;  Authority-paper with dishes dated Dec 1879 ststes ornament on border of each piece shows the...

China Set

C. 1939 Blue and white platter entitled "Yale College and State House,  New Haven, Connecticut."  Wedgwood.  Taken from a print by A. J. Davis, 1832.  Part of a set of plates with views of Yale.  Wm.  H. Seward III graduated from Yale c. 1886.  Plates available in  1939.  Text: "From a Print: '...

Goblet 1951.1.13

Clear glass, stemmed goblet with etched design of fern-like leaves.

Pitcher 1951.1.11

Unmarked "Bennington" milk pitcher, brown in color.  Girl's head in relief on each side, surrounded by a leaf pattern.

Plate 1951.1.10a-d

3 dinner plates and covered dish.  Covered dish has two handles trimmed in gold and gold handle on top; one handle repaired with staples.  The pattern on all pieces, colored brown and cream, shows large cranes and flowers with leaves. (Matching platter #BP 148).  Mark-"Corea" in brown with small...

Platter 1951.1.9

Blur & white Staffordshire platter by James Clews.  Scene in India, including men and dogs.  Border design includes wild animals and birds.  Repaired by staples. Discoloration along crack.

Plate 1951.1.8

Blue & white Staffordshire plate by T. J. & J. Mayer.  Scene is castle in background with river, bridge, people, and landscape in the center. The border is composed of several small pictures of castles.  Mark on back of plate, "Florentine".

Plate 1951.1.7

Blue & white with border of floral reserves, center pasture with people assembled, castle in the background with river

French Imperial China

Imperial Sevres dinner set - 60 pices total. Set was a gift to Anna Seward from Prnice Jesoph/Jerome Napolean 1861.