Seward Family Scrap Book Collection

1824 Scrap Book- Including Battle of Bunkerhill, past and current Native American relations.

Seward Family: B. J. Seward’s remarks at the Mercantile Library Association, S. B. Seward’s remarks at the opening of the Delaware and Hudson Canal, death of Hector Seward at festivities for General La Fayette.  Miscellaneous: General La Fayette’s tour of America, retrospective on the Battle of Bunker Hill, Henry Clay on the potential 1824 nomination of Jackson, speech in Boston by Daniel Webster, early 19th century poetry, Pitcairn’s Island, numerous addresses by missionary societies, New Jersey Colonization Society ,and mentions of John Quincy Adams, Simon Bolivar, Governor Clinton.

1850 Scrap Book – Including California Issue, Fugitive Slave Law, comments & speeches in House & Senate. (Newspaper Clipping)

1850 Scrap Book- Including Bounty Land Claimants, Daily National Intelligencer.

Seward: 1851 presentation of petitions on amending the patent laws, repealing the Fugitive Slave Law, prohibiting slavery in territories of Utah and New Mexico, and abolishing slavery in DC and all territories.  Presentation of New York Legislature’s resolution on slavery and admission of California.  Miscellaneous: Numerous articles, editorials, and legislative proceedings relating to the Fugitive Slave Law.  Article opposing equality of African Americans, resettlement of African Americans in Africa, land titles in California, ceding of public lands, European political news, tariffs, patent laws, gold and silver markets, economic relations with Canada, bounty lands, Hungarian War of Independence, Thomas Hart Benton, Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, Zachary Taylor, and Winfield Scott.

Seward Family Obituary Book.

1870 Scrap Book- 2nd Travels, Poetry, Curiosities, misc.

Seward and Family: Extensive 1859 Auburn festivities welcoming Seward home from foreign tour, $50,000 price set on Seward’s head, Gov. Seward’s qualifications for the presidency (and description of dinner at DC residence), poem entitled “To William H. Seward,” mention of Higher Law Speech, reference to Seward in fiction story “Love and Politics,” attendance at funeral of Willie Lincoln, incorporation of W.H. Seward, Jr. and Co.  Miscellaneous: fugitive slaves, Battles of Winchester/Malvern Hill/Wilson’s Creek, Lincoln’s remarks on emancipation, NYS 75th/44th/19th Regiments, a poem about the Jerry Rescue, spy balloons, Union prisoners in Georgia, clippings from the series “Sketches of Russian Life,” wedding of Albert Prince of Wales and Alexandra of Denmark,  African American poet Miss Watkins, retrospectives and fiction concerning the Revolutionary War, fashion plate for July 1858 and article on philosophy of dress, Civil War resolutions of the Cayuga Baptist Association, as well as various science articles, poetry, humor, and moral stories.  Notables: the Reverend Henry Beecher, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, General McClelland, General Burnside, General Schenck, General Scott, Empress Eugenie, Camillo Benso di Cavour, Garibaldi, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Lord Byron, Sir Walter Scott, Louis Gottschalk, and P. T. Barnum.

1920 Scrap Book- W.H. Seward Jr Death newspaper articles.