Elderly man with blue eyes and receeded hair line in a seated position.  Wearing a dark suit with white shirt and white cravat.  His left hand is resting on wooden arm of chair.  Background a solid dark brown.

John Quincy Adams's Portrait by Chester Harding


Oil painting on canvas of John Quincy Adams (6th president of the U.S. 1825-1829); Adams visited Seward House in Auburn in 1843. Commissioned by Seward. Painted by American portrait artist Chester Harding. 

Context from "William H. Seward at Washington 1846-1861" Vol 2 of three vol. set) Page 78.  Letter to wife, Frances, dated Sept 20, 1848 - "Harding is staying in town (Boston).  We met at breakfast.  I have engaged him to paint me a good picture of John Quincy Adams for our parlor."