Uncle Tom's Cabin Puzzle

 c. 1855

A puzzle board and container depicting the Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin. This pasteboard box is shaped like a cabin and features windows, and door on the front and sides. Faces peer from the windows and a figure leans from the door. One section of the roof is hinged. A small clasp secures the lid to the front, above the door. "UNCLE TOM'S CABIN" is printed in gold on the top of the lid. "UNCLE TOM'S CABIN/ DISSECTED./PUBLISHED BY MERRIAM, MOORE & CO.,/ TROY, N.Y." is printed to the underside of the lid. The puzzle image is glued to wooden jigsawn pieces and pictures a hand colored cabin with a African-American woman in the doorway, three children and a man.  The puzzle is complete and was once owned by Frances A. Seward.