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Individual tours


Parties of less than fifteen may visit without prior arrangements. Please note that guided tours may fill quickly so visitors should arrive 10 minutes early.

Tour availability is subject to change. Sometimes we reach capacity due to large pre-scheduled groups, so please call in advance.   (315)-252-1283

Group tours

Group visits for parties of fifteen or more should be scheduled in advance. Please call (315) 252-1283 for details.

Group admission rates:

  • Adults: $9.00/person
  • Seniors: $8.00/person

School group admission rates:

  • Inside of Cayuga County: $2.00/student
  • Outside of Cayuga County: $3/student

The Museum parking lot can not accommodate buses. Please inform the tour bus driver to park in the municipal lot beside of the museum. Entrances to the parking lot are on Lincoln Street. Please contact the museum for more information.