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3 – The Citizen—Auburn recognizes anniversary of the end of the Civil War, contributions by Sewards


22 – The New York History Blog—Seward Family Treasures On Exhibit In Auburn

19 – WCNY—Insight

11 – The Citizen—History hidden in plain sight: These 12 Auburn homes form new tour from Seward, Cayuga museums

10 – Ithaca Times—Seward House in Auburn Features New Exhibit on Assassination Attempt

5 – TWC News—Could Harriet Tubman Become First Woman on U.S. Paper Bills?


30 – The Citizen—Seward House Museum wins TripAdvisor award, will participate in Blue Star Museums

27 – The Citizen—Seward House hosting talk by author of book about Seward’s would-be assassin

13 – CNYCentral—Brandon Roth Live at Seward House

2 – The Citizen—Seward House speaker to lead look at political cartoons of Seward, Lincoln May 8


25 – TWC News—Historian: William Henry Seward Risked Federal Arrest to Aid Underground Railroad in CNY

24 – The Citizen—Seward House Museum to host summer food event inspired by its namesake’s international travels

23 – Syracuse.com—Auburn’s Seward House to host international food event based on William H. Seward’s travels

14 – WIAT.com—150 years since assassination of President Abraham LincolnHistory Channel—The Other Targets of Booth’s Murder Conspiracy

8 – The Citizen—New Seward House talk series starts Saturday with The Battle of Cherbourg as subject

1 – Syracuse.com—At Auburn’s Seward House a new exhibit details the attempted assassination of William Seward