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Was Abraham Lincoln ever a visitor to Seward House?

No. Although President Lincoln was not a visitor here at Seward House, he did however visit the Seward’s home in Lafayette Square in Washington D.C. very often. Seward House has hosted six other American presidents through the years including Andrew Johnson, Ulysses Grant, John Quincy Adams, Martin Van Buren, William McKinley, and Bill Clinton.


Are all of the furnishings the visitors see
in the museum original to the family?

Yes. Except for some of the carpeting and curtains, everything in the museum is original to the family. The museum has rearranged the furnishings in order to create an optimal setting for visitors to see the artifacts and learn about the Seward family.


Are there still living descendents
of the Seward family in the area?

Yes. Members of the Seward family still live in Central New York. The closest relatives to Mr. Seward today are his great-great-grandchildren. They and their families live throughout the country. Those living locally are actively helping the museum through volunteering and sharing family stories that allow staff members to give visitors a better understanding of the family.


How many places are there named
after William Seward?

Throughout the U.S. there are quite a few places named after Mr. Seward such as towns in Alaska, Nebraska, Kansas, Pennsylvania, and New York. There is a highway in Alaska named after him and also parks in some big cities. Seward Park in New York City is especially important because it is also the first permanently-built municipal playground in the country.


How did the Sewards and Harriet Tubman
become friends?

We don’t know. When the Sewards and Harriet Tubman met and who introduced them is a mystery. However, we do know that in 1859 Mr. Seward sold Tubman 7 acres of land just 2 miles down the road from Seward House on South St. in Auburn. The Sewards along with Tubman and other community members took part in the Underground Railroad helping escaped slaves reach freedom and safety.


I am interested in genealogical information
on the Seward family. Where can I go
for more information?

The best source for genealogical information on the Seward family is the book Descendents of Obadiah Seward Jr. by Jim Kuttler. This book has an extensive list of descendents stemming from Obadiah Seward, an early ancestor of William Seward. However, please note that the descendents of Lt. William Seward of Guilford, CT or those of Seward families orginating in Colonial Maryland or Virginia are not descendents of Obadiah Seward.