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Diplomatic Gallery

There are over 120 photographs and engravings hanging in what Seward called his “diplomatic gallery.” Seward gradually added to this collection while he was Secretary of State until every country that the United States had a diplomatic relationship with was represented. There are presidents, kings, queens and foreign ministers and diplomats. Some people were important in Seward’s life and others were people that he admired. Seward met many of these people and some are signed to him. Seward used to say of his large gallery: “Yes, those are my tormentors.” The numbering scheme roughly groups people geographically.


1. Archbishop John Hughes

2. General Giuseppe Garibaldi

3. Victor Emmanuel II, King of Sardinia

4. Pope Pius IX

5. Cardinal Giacomo Antonelli

6. John Brown

7. Emperor Maximilian of Mexico

8. Empress Carlota of Mexico

9. Franz Josef I

10. Elizabeth, Empress of Austria

11. Napoleon I

12. Napoleon III

13. Eugenie, Empress of France

14. Lord John Russell, Prime Minister of Great Britain

15. Queen Victoria of England

16. Diplomatic Excursion Party

17. Treaty of Commerce

18. Sir Richard Cobden

19. Lord Lyons

20. English House of Commons

22. Prince Alexandre Gortchakov

23. Prince Albert

24. Queen Victoria of England:

26. William H. Seward

27. Washington Library of British Minister Sir Frederick Bruce

28. Maria Alexandrovna, Empress of Russia

29. Alexander II, Emperor of Russia:

30. Countess Madame Anna de Sartiges

31. Count de Sartiges

32. Marie Louise Auguste Katherine, Queen of Prussia

33. William I, King of Prussia

34. Prince Otto von Bismarck

35. Sir Frederick Bruce

36. Lord Napier

37. Lady Napier and Sons

38. Count de Sartiges

39. Count Piper

40. Christian den Niende (Christian IX), King of Denmark

41. Louise, Queen of Denmark

42. Prince Frederick of Sweden

43. King of Portugal

44. Prince Krom Hluang Wangsa, King of Siam

45. Tycoon of Japan

46. Ono Tomogora

47. Matamoto Judayes

48. Anson Burlingame and Chinese Embassy

49. Chinese Imperial Cabinet at Peking

50. Japanese Legation at Washington

51. United States Commission to the Paris Exposition

52. William III, King of the Netherlands

53. Sophie Mathilda, Queen of the Netherlands

54. Doctor Valentine Mott.

55. Doctor Eliphalet Nott, D.D., L.L.D.

56. St. Stephen’s Cathedral

58. National Monument to the Forefathers

59. Mr. Fetman

60. Andrew Johnson

61. Frances Seward

62.Thurlow Weed

64. William Henry Seward

66. Abraham Lincoln

66 ½ William Henry Seward. Numbered as a nod to close friendship between Seward and Lincoln (#66).

67. Legion of Union: 1864.

72. Bishop McIlvaine

73. Archbishop of Chile

74. George Robinson

75. Judge Aaron Goodrich

77. Charlotte Cushman

78. Arthur Fletcher

80. Abdul Aziz

81. Mohammed Ali

82. Server Ismail Pacha

83. Ali Pacha, Grand Vizier of Turkey

84. D.A. Duekwitz

85. Bey of Tunis

86. Charles XV, King of Sweden and Norway

87. Louise, Queen of Sweden and Norway

88. Leopold I, King of Belgium

89. Leopold II, King of Belgium

90. Marie Henriette, Queen of Belgium

91. Prince Philippe, Count of Flanders

92. Benito Juarez President of Mexico

93. Margarita Maza de Juarez

94. Matias Romero

95. Santos Degollado

96. Sebastian Lerdo de Tajado.

97. J. Eolio

98. Isabella II, Queen of Spain

99. Alfonso, King of Spain

100. Francisco Solano Lopez

101. Juan Crisostomo Falcon

102. Jose Santos Gutierrez Prieto

103. Manuel Murillo Toro

104. Ramon Castilla

105. Jakob Stampfli

106. Fabre-Nicholas Geffrad

107. Urbano Retazzi

109. Urbano Retazzi

110. Stephen Allen Benson

111. Joseph Jenkins Roberts

112. Leopold I, King of Belgium

113. Eduard de Stoeckl

114. Joseph Bertinatti.

115. Baron von Selden

116. Domingo Dulce

117. Dom Pedro II

118. William Henry Seward II

119. Emma, Queen of the Sandwich Islands:

120. Rasoherina, Queen of Madagascar

121. Mongkut, King of Siam

123. Charles Frederic Froncois, Marquis de Montholon

125. Francisco Astaburuaga Cienfuegos

126. Luis Molina

127. Sir John Lawrence

128. Unknown: signed illegible

130. The Darien Canal Treaty

131. Brigadier General William H. Seward II with his staff at Martinsburg, Virginia

132. Belem Castle